Campus Defending Democracy Fellows - 4 Positions

August 27, 2018 - December 7, 2018

Application Deadline: July 23, 2018

About the Campus Defending Democracy Fellowship:
Western States Center is initiating a new fellowship program to train organizers and researchers in strategies to counter white nationalism across the country. Once a contained fringe social movement, white nationalism has morphed into a mass movement with significant public support. The white nationalist movement and its “alt-right” coalition is shaping public narrative on national policies, endangering community cohesion, and limiting the rights of people of color, immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized communities. White nationalism is jeopardizing the gains we’ve made over the past 50 years and endangering democracy here and abroad.

That is why preparing our movements and institutions to effectively counter the threat of white nationalism is a critical priority in this moment. In particular, educational institutions have become a targeted site for white nationalist recruitment, mobilization and action, as groups use campus flyering, recruitment drives, speaking engagements and other actions as a calculated strategy to further white nationalist goals and boost their visibility. As these organizing efforts intensify, Western States Center has created this fellowship to support the development of a stronger, more coordinated response.

Description of work and opportunities:
Campus fellows will learn about organized racist movements through independent study and collaborative work, guided by leaders in the field. Fellows will also undertake projects to counter white nationalist organizing in campus communities, designed and coordinated in partnership with Western States Center’s Defending Democracy program.

Applicant criteria:
For the inaugural fellowship cycle, we are seeking candidates with campus or community leadership potential, based in or connected to college or university communities. The ideal candidate will have a clear racial justice analysis, some experience in organizing, and an interest in engaging in anti-hate work over the course of their career.

Duration and stipend:
The fellowship will last for 14 weeks, and fellows will be expected to dedicate approximately 135 hours (an average of 9-10 hours per week) over the course of the fellowship. A stipend of $1,750 is available for each fellow. Fellows may be based anywhere in the United States. Some availability during Pacific time zone working hours should be possible.

Application deadline and instructions:
The application deadline is July 23. The fellowship will begin on August 27. To apply, please attach a work sample of your choice along with the answers to the application questions online at this link. No phone calls please.